Day #17 Sept 26th Milwaukee, WI

Ketsi: After many hours of driving, being stuck in traffic jams through Chicago, we came to the town of Milwaukee. We picked up the person who had organized the event together with some good ol’ vegan chili he had made for us and for whoever would be hungry at the event, which took place in the People’s Books Co-op.

15 people came out to hear what stories we had to bring and to discuss with us. A person told us they just moved to a small town and kept wondering what they could do there. So we talked a bit about how to organize in smaller places or finding out what could be adressed around you or in your own life. I didn’t find the discussion very lively but apparently people where happy that we came and some appreciated what we could share to inspire them. Some had driven from quite far away to get to the event.

After we had packed our things to go back home to our friend, we waited by the car for a bit for everyone to gather. Z was showing his best body-sound tricks, including clapping in front of his face, with an O-shaped mouth to form drop sounds. We all tried and I could stop laughing cause our friend looked so incredibly funny… Just thinking about it know makes me want to bend like a swiss-knife.

Later that night we watched a Czech DIY documentary about the IMF and World Bank meetings and the demonstrations against them that took place in Prague 15 years ago. It was pretty interesting, and also funny (except for the parts where the two young men talking to an office-woman to have an excuse to film her skirt). The scene where they’re talking to the chief of police is great though. Bad comments delivered one after the other in belief he was sharing some kind of older-man-wisdom.