Day #16 Sept 25th Grand Rapids, MI


At our lovely friends little house we slept really well. In the morning they shared their home made banana bread and after a while we went into the city four some food gathering and trip to the post office. It all took a pretty long time, especially in the post office where we wanted to send a mail to Europe and realized it would be at least 25 dollars (!!!) and take approximately forever.

Oh well, a few stops later we went back to the house and our friends made food while we got square eyes in front of computers. Time is flying and we all are trying to keep up with our writing projects, reading news from Europe and Brazil and just simply keeping in touch with friends. It is hard to find time for everything during the few 24 hours of a day when you want to live in the moment, connect with the people that are physically around you and to make the best out of that experience.

We didn’t have time to eat so much before the presentation so we threw some calories into our mouths and left on eight wheels.

We gathered in the art workshop of a really talented artist who, among other things, did linoleum prints and drawings. The space was quite big, industrial, but still cozy, with many couches and chairs for people to sit on. I think around 40 people came and I think it was over the expectations of the organizers. People from different ages and positions spoke and it was very inspiring to have an exploring discussion with people who seemed to find answers themselves, for the questions they where asking. Some also just wanted to express what is their ideas and suggestions for strategy.

Later in the evening we went back to out friends and had a funny evening with more people who came over to hang out. I remember some great moments of stories, jokes or even one-liners being delivered one after the other from different corners of the room.

J showed me some styles on their Banjo and I learned that L could actually play the violin! (though they used another word for the instrument that sounds less fancy…). Great evening but again the amount of hours disappoint me and I gotta go to sleep…

I want to mention the magazine The Black Seed, which is a really interesting green @ publication.

L & B, thanks for hosting us and for all the fun and great food! Hopefully you wont build a grudge against us because of the water finding its way from the second floor through the ceiling…