Day #10 Sept 19th PITTSBURGH, PA





Ketsi: We got some sleep in a very friendly family home which offered us a good rest and what I felt was complete luxury. (Separate beds and new sheets!) A super/-tasty breakfast had been made for us in the morning. It was a proper quinoa/nut-porridge and I’m still grateful for that meal, several hours later…

We joined with a group of anarchist comrades who took us to walk around an industrial area for a little tour on radical history. In 1877 railroad workers went on strike. They rose up independent of unions, they halted train traffic and affected the infrastructure by destroying some trains and stations.

Eventually the revolt was put down by the state and federal militias. Most of the violent battles took place in Pittsburgh and our friend told us a story of when about 30 percent of the city population where part in protesting and even fighting the militia with fire, bricks and arms. Thanks for the great storytelling and reviving a local memory for our group…

We went to a park to relax and talk a little, before the presentation would kick off in the afternoon, here we where told that anarchists had called for a big demonstration against the G20 summit 2009 and they had gathered in this park.

IMG_1035 IMG_1034 IMG_1033 IMG_1031

On the way to the location of our presentation, we stopped by the local infoshop. Really cozy little place with a lot of books and nice bike-patches. We where just there for a few minutes to pick up some boxes and then we drove to the tower of mordor/midgar/neo-gothic-futuristic spire of babylon that we had previously wondered what the fuck it was.


It turned out that was actually the place we where supposed to speak. We entered the Hogwarts castle with our small little boxes and our even smaller little bodies. Through an impressive hallway and up a stairway we came to the university classroom. We played around with the teachers podium a little but then got serious when the big room was flooded with students. It was so exciting to speak and discuss with so many interested, young people. I’m not very good at body counting, but I guess there where about 150 people there. That was impressive, especially on a Saturday afternoon! Thanks to everyone who wanted to come to school one additional day of their week.


After this event we quickly went back to the house to throw in some food in our bodies to keep up the energy for the rest of the day. The next event would be held in a private home, less formal and we where to discuss in a smaller group. Though actually about 30 people showed up.

Later that night we collectively relaxed in hot water and our friend treated us with vegan ice cream. Like WTF so NICE! Thank you <3