Day #8, Sept 17th – ROCHESTER, NY


Sasha: Leaving for 7h drive to Rochester. I am not having good time, actually the other way around. Few different aspects made me feel very bad today.


Finally getting there, our host is very kind and generous so we of course aren’t angry that we won’t sleep in the cabin by the lake as we thought. Welcoming bean chili is better than anything right now. Getting ready for event full of syndicalists from the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

IMG_0874 IMG_0873 IMG_0879

Kids here are organized and they own a building where they hold presentation and so on. It is two level radical social center and almost 50 people is attending the talk today. We have some good discussions and keep talking over two hours with people before we break into informal groups. I think it’s important to meet and talk to people with different views and opinions and todays discussion was a good example of it. I still don’t feel very good so once we break the main discussion I pack my stuff and leave for walk. Being surprised that the center is in very bourgeoisie neighborhood. Later we go back to the house, some of us playing games I am antisocial so I borrow a guitar and go to the van. Haven’t played for many months and now it feel very nostalgic to do so. Looking forward to play with our band again!


Ketsi: After an emotionally exhausting day I was glad to pick up a guitar and to cuddle with some cats. First time I slept in the van as well, which was really cozy…

Day #7, Sept 16th – NYC, NY


It’s Tuesday and we heading to NYC. Traffic is dense already 100 miles before the city but basically all the coast has very dense traffic. Approaching the NY can’t be without playing some music from there. Good and bad one. So we listen KRS One and Agnostic Front. You all can guess what good and bad one means! In our car it’s almost clear besides Ramona who is the biggest skinhead of us.


First day in NYC some of us speak in Lower East Side in Manhattan in a space which was originally squat, now it’s called Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces. It has long history, if you want to know more, check it out.

IMG_0750 IMG_0749 IMG_0741

This time the talk was about squatting and it’s perspectives and experiences from different part of the world. Speaking people were from Sweden, Argentina, and 3 people from different places from Slovenia.

IMG_0753 IMG_0740 IMG_0739

The talk was pretty calm and had some nice discussions after, especially when an older women of color started to speak about her experience of Gentrification, pollution leading to cancer all the room just silenced. She took some minutes to express her rage and her worlds were honest hand very strong.

IMG_0736 IMG_0738

After the event we all drove to Brooklyn where we slept in abandon flat above punk pizzeria.


B’s friend invited us to hang out on the roof of the house where he lives so we spend some ours of already late night there talking about apocalyptic destruction of the city of 12 millions and its probabilities.

I am sorry for the punk way of writing my stories. Of course I write everything much later and now I see that I use sometimes present and sometimes past time. Whatever. This is informal blog and I am not native speaker (good excuse) so EXCUSE MY FRENCH!


On Wednesday we took metro to get to Manhattan to see National Museum of Natural History. Walking towards the building we see big statue of riding Roosevelt having one figure walking on each side of him. Getting closer we see one is and African native and one is American native. Not that we would expect that much, of course we coming there mostly because we want to see this propaganda bullshit and also it’s free, but this is already over the edge. Z says “I think they weren’t friends”


Content of the museum consist of many different things and it took centuries to steal all these artifacts and kill all and stuff all the animals and so on. Of course many things were nicely made but the general picture and message is one of the saddest physical propaganda I have ever seen.

Kets: It was my second time at this museum, last time was many years ago, but I had forgotten how twisted it feels to walk through those great halls with animals and people on display. Most of the things made me feel uncanny and sick. Though, there was one pretty interesting exhibition about widespread plagues and diseases. Most of it was about different larvaes and parasites that infest the body affects it negatively, either by themselves or by spreading a virus with it. Thinking about it made me A LITTLE scared and made me remember a song by IRON (hardcore band) maybe these topics are what they where trying to touch with “the beauty of science?”

IMG_0782 IMG_0778

Sasha: Our talk is in the Base in Brooklyn. It’s put up by our friend A. from ABC NYC. The event is well promoted. A. is pro! Also he has some presents for us, thank you!

IMG_0828 IMG_0825 IMG_0820

The base is an anarchist infoshop/freeshop with the Lucy Parson radical library and about 60 people is coming. Great event! Also this was our last talk with Eliana for some weeks.


Day #6, Sept 14th – BOSTON, MA




Kets: One of the tour dates had been canceled, but honestly a day off was very welcomed after a whole week full of talking and talking. We got to sleep, cook food, take walks and even exercise in the park. So great to have some contrast from the hours of sitting on chairs or in the car.


It was a long drive between Philadelphia and Boston. There where some beautifully green forests we went through, as well as the gray traffic jam close to New York. Later in the evening, I was overwhelmed by the two snakes of yellow and red light flowing on the highway in front of my eyes. We drove through a hard shower of a rainstorm, but finally we made it to Cambridge where we had been invited to stay in a lovely house of friends.


After first week of talks and intensive discussions and changing everything – talking about our talks and re-framing them.) – no one was sad that New Jersey event was canceled. We had long drive to Boston. Strong storm, nice and green outskirts north of NYC and play game when we pick a letter and keep saying names off bands starting from that letter. If you someone does not not one, the rest starts to count down from ten in their native languages (that really helps to think calmly.) and if they count zero, you out. This goes till we find the last winner. The biggest fun was to try to convince the others that local bands we name really exist. It took a minute to make ’em believe that there is a band called Kontrafakt and that it doesn’t spell with C in the beginning. Of course you can’t prove it by showing it in your iPod because that would allowed you to see many more interprets and advance you in this game and btw of course none of us has Kontrafakt in their music player.


For next two days we stayed in Cambridge – Boston, nice neighborhood where our vampire computer-geek friends live. They are very nice and hosted us great. After the long drive and late arrival to their home, there was some pasta coming for dinner, which is not the highlight yet – soon our comrades see we like it spicy and they brought out a little jar named “MAD DOG” also known as “PLUTONIUM”. I already had “ketchup” in my food (understand habanero sauce) but still wanted to try Mad Dog (read the description bellow). I took an amount the scale of a toothpick-tip and it put me out of game for some hours and the worst was yet to come when I went to visit the closet in the morning.

IMG_0653 IMG_0654

MAD DOG is the hottest thing I ever had in my mouth. Needed to mention is that I eat hot food! Thank you for this great experience.


We spoke at the Encuentro 5 a space that is rented and shared by several political groups. About 50 people showed up and we had a really nice discussion afterwards that touched a wide variety of topics.

IMG_0671 IMG_0650

Sasha: After our talk one comrade from Boston – originally Greece took us around the town. It was warm I would say “nice night for walk, ‘ey?”. We saw headquarters of FBI for north East and some more governmental buildings and water front. Meeting our new friend and the owner of the van we use was also very nice. Can’t wait to see this interesting person again!

Day #5, Sept 12th – PHILADELPHIA, PA



Can you find a difference between this picture…
…and this picture?

The drive from DC to Philly isn’t too long, but we spent some time in traffic. Something we got to get used to when traveling on the east coast.

Wooden shoe books is nice not too small but very cozy book and info shop situated on quite busy street full of small shops and corner food places. This neighborhood seems to be very alive but I spend most of the time berofe the talk inside the book shop and hanging out and checking out all the books they have. With every book I read there is at least 10 more I want to read.


The shop has as well a wall full of zines, pamphlets and primers and besides thousands of different books it offers some nice postcards, “celebrate peoples’ history” posters, some cool patches and a corner with records.


I miss this kind of place in Prague. Open info-book shop with defined politics and many many books hosting presentations, discussions and other events. Like something between Recomando and Sale 🙂 (Of course I like both of the places<3 )


45 people attended the event and some nice discussions were going on till quite late. I like how big variety of people coming to our events. Sometimes elders, sometimes a person with parents (who are surprisely radical), many trans and queer people, people of different ethnics and colors, backgrounds, students, punks, casual kids, and people of different opinions.

Need to say that people coming to our event are very often well educated about history and know a lot about countries we are coming from, their history and culture. As well many people are very radical and as I said, its not just a matter of few “have nothing to loose” young hot heads, but my general feeling of people I met here.


I was told that north east is more syndicalist and only place of anarchist unions, but people discussing with us felt to be rather into insurrection than into big official organization.

When leaving we realized we got our first (and hopefully last) parking ticket. The Wooden Shoe collective said they will cover it. Thank you for all and great hospitality. Your space is very special! Keep fighting!

We had a lot of fun till late and I seriously think that Z shall do stand up comedy. Stories from EKH, French unwilling to speak English or help you to find vegan products, bath top faux pas experiences and many made me crying in my laugh!






The Potters House is a café and political bookstore that has a big room in the back, that looks a little bit like a classroom. We were invited there to present our different experiences on the topics of direct democracy, assemblies, consensus and decision/making processes, autonomy and cooptation of “anarchist” tactics, militarization, the nationalism growing in Europe (and over the world), police repression against activists and institutionalization of movements and self-organized activities.

Our fourth presentation felt really tight and I was glad to see that so many interested people showed up. I think there was a bit over 50 people in the room. After the introduction of our contexts and thoughts came many questions and reflections.


The events put up for the discussions with us are for free but we usually ask for donations if anyone feels like they can contribute some coins or dollars for our fuel and travel expenses. If we will be able to cover everything through that, and even gather more money, it will be used to help finance printing of translated To Change Everything in other parts of the world where its not as easy to do that.


The event smoothly turned into informal conversation in which I talked to several different people from whom I mostly remember a person from Maroco who was organizing resistance of women of color in Baltimore with whom I had long and nice conversation and exchange of experiences from our struggles.

Everyone ended up being pretty hungry and our host, comrade and friend invited us to a Salvadorean restaurant which was the best ending of long nine eleven in the capitol of USA. Thank you all for helping us to make this possible!


Day #3, Sept 10th – BALTIMORE, MD



A few months ago riots spread through the city of Baltimore, Maryland, after the police had handcuffed and brutally transported a young man, named Freddie Gray, who ended up having serious injuries and eventually died.

For a more detailed description of the course of events, read here.

On Thursday the 10th September we rolled into the city and I watched the horizon of industrial buildings and houses from the big road before we dived in to the streets. Since we didn’t have much time before the presentation of the evening I couldn’t get a wider picture of the town, but we took a walk around the closest neighborhood and I couldn’t help to stop by every other corner while I was impressed by streetart.




The presentation was gonna be held at ‘Red Emma’s’. A radical library and horizontally organized cafe. Such a big, open space, looked a bit like a warehouse, but had been made really cozy. The library part looked impressive and seemed to be well organized.

A person in Red Emmas told us that during those riots the mayor had forced a curfew from 22 – 05. The police where patrolling the streets, hunting for hoodied people, or probably anyone defying the curfew. During those ten days, the bookstore hosted many people who for example needed to go up early in the morning and wouldn’t be able to get to or come home from work without being on the street during those hours.



The people working in the cafe fed us with amazing meals and then the presentation kicked off again. A lot of people showed up but sadly we didn’t have enough time before the space was gonna close (at ten) so after the presentation we broke off into more personal interactions quite soon. Suddenly there was a big and very loud crowd boiling in the room. The event was visited by more than 80 people. The cafe was still gonna close though, however the people where wrapped in their discussions, so they slowly poured out to the street and we packed our books and left.

It was a pity to having only one night in Baltimore somehow, but right on the same street as was a bar where there was some hip-hop going on. We asked a person that came out what the event was about. He was a super nice fellow and told us that they were playing some random songs but in a little while they will start with open mic. Earlier that evening he had set up a comedy night in another place in the same neighborhood and he thought it was important and inspiring to do positive things in the midst of everything that happened.

I can’t say that I liked the first person who took the mic, and it didn’t seem like the rest of the crowd did either. After some sexist or simply mean jokes his time was over and then some people took the stage to rap some good tunes. Then came “Icon the God” who was pretty talented and quick. Excuse my french stuck in my head. Then came some rainy spoken word. I felt like the content was kind of man-worshiping, which didn’t resonate in me, but she had good style and flow nevertheless. I was impressed by her confidence.

I wish we could’ve stayed to see more but time flew and there is a day tomorrow so we had to leave before midnight.

In every state or even city is so many different police cars. I decided to keep track of them. It’s kinda fun to make pictures of all the different vehicles representing the “diversity” which state can offer.


Day #2, Sept 9th – RICHMOND, VA


From today we will be on the road for over two months so we take our time for packing and loading the van. Ehm, did I say van? I call it Dodge space ship. An automatic strong engine american looking van with only two seats. Yes we are 6. The plan is to sit on the ground or lay on the bed. Knocking on the wood three times and on the dash board three times at least once a day!


After picking up our friend Eliana in Durham (next town) and fixing some cosmetic bugs we are ready to leave. Our tour crew is me from Czech Republic, B from USA, Ramona from Slovenia, Z from Brazil, Eliana from Argentina who won’t be with us all the way and Ketsi from Sweden. For the trip we got some “nice” present from our friend, funny but might be useful. You never know! Thank you anyway.


Starting big – Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is the former capital of Confederation. A place where people fighting for their right to use the Southern flag and the statues of Generals of Confederacy are still all over the downtown being protected by armed militias against people who would like to get rid of them by any means. In Richmond was the biggest slave trade place and when import of people became forbidden Richmond started to be a place where white businessmen bred people in captive to export them further south to states like Mississippi and Alabama etc.

The event took a place in Rags & Bones – a DIY bike place. Nearly 40 people came and among them first Maoist trying to kidnap the discussion and talk about differences between communist, socialist and anarchist theory and practice. That is for sure not the topic what most of the people want to talk or hear about.


I want to say big thank you to organizing crew for their hospitality, food, cool hang out till late and nice sleeping. It was great to meet you guys.


Though there came some other questions that was pretty interesting. Some where also expressing the contradiction they felt in our lives when it comes to lifestyle habits contra values and principles we desire to pursue,. For example being against mining but still using cellphones and other technology that consists of extracted materials. This topic can become long, my take on it is that it is definitely important to be aware of these connections but not to fall into thinking that the problems will be solved if we (some of us) just stop using phones. This goes for veganism as a consumer-solution as well. I am totally supporting every step away from ‘modern’ capitalist material society but I think engaging directly is crucial for changing these processes of oppression rather than sitting passively somewhere and just not having a phone or not talking milk in that coffee.


After the group discussion we broke up into more informal talks, which was also very giving. We where fed by a friend of the lovely group of people that had invited and welcomed us. The person itself wasn’t present (was working in a restaurant that night). Thanks a lot for that delicious stew!


I was really inspired by the DIY bike workshop and can’t help to miss my bike who is on the other side of the Atlantic ocean…


Day #1, Sept 8th – CHAPEL HILL, NC


Tuesday came faster than I expected and I still don’t feel very well prepared. I was working on my presentation basically non stop, besides sleeping, but I even don’t get much of that. The back porch is situated under trees in a small forest, so we take a mattress out there and sleep outside. It’s very hot but cozy.

What’s typical for Chapel Hill, or let’s say the surrounding of our top-secret hideout (since I hardly left that place) is endless and very intense buzzing of cicadas and many silver squirrels. I have also seen a deer mother with a little faun, eating leaves of a nearby tree. And yeah, least but not last – spiders in NC are much bigger than in Czech.

I am borrowing bike from a friend and climbing up the hill to find a place to print ANTIFENIX posters and when I get there, all sweaty, I realized that I forgot the usb-stick in the house. ‘Classic Sasha’ I think when going all the way back and climbing the hill on little loose bike for the second time.

The presentation was held in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was the first day of speaking, not the biggest event, many friends would come, so we took it easier and pep ourselves that it will be good anyway. The best environment to start. A bit over 30 people showed up and the whole evening was calm and friendly. I don’t think I’ll continue to report about our money situation but the fact that on donations we made literary one Dollar is pretty funny. We had some nice discussions and after almost 2,5 hours we left the place towards our new home, where we staying for last night before taking off for the tour.

After the event everyone we know is going to the house where we cooking local specialty tadertachos and had incredibly tasty and big dinner. Almost like how we eat at home. I mean the amount of food was the same, just the number of people twice as big 🙂

We ending the night with for me the biggest surprise which is a swimming pool 3 mins walk distance from the house, where is very easy to sneak in. Hanging out in the water, watching stars and telling traditional stupid jokes from different countries…”The Portuguese invented many great things, like wind shield wipers, Germans just made ’em better. They put them on the outside.”

Well enough great and sweet time in NC, last night outside and HURRRAAYYY!!



We all arrived to USA between September 3rd and 5th. Most of the time of our days before the tour kicked off we spent in our secret house, preparing for the presentation/discussion/panel. We stayed in very nice community house in Chapel Hill, NC where our comrades and friends live. Very nice sober environment full of welcoming people skilled in cooking for many.

I came on Saturday 5th and have to say that customs and border security was not that bad. Probably privilege of white middle class looking European with ESTA. I heard that some comrades from our crew had much more troubles than just little interview and a confiscated banana in my case.

First night we were welcomed by a great dinner – vegan home-made pizza and quite many people came to the house to hang out. Very nice atmosphere from the very beginning.

Except having endless discussions and working on our own talks we didn’t have time to do much.  Only once we left the surrounding of the house (including tree garden, badminton field and back porch where we spent most of the time).

Once, our sweet friend took us to swim to the river – lagoon. On the way we talked about all the different danger animals in NC or USA. So there is several poison snakes. Some live in the water but most of them are rattlesnakes, kind of. And two types of spider – black widow and brown one which when bitten by the skin starts to die and the wound spreads till you cut it off. You might turn into a zombie. Then typical black and brown bear and so on. A few minutes of walking through the forest we saw some Poison Ivy.

Three very hot days passed quickly and the first presentation and the tour was on the door step.


I arrived to the wonderful home in Chapel Hill after having spent a week in the states already, so I didn’t suffer from any jet-lag. I was relieved to have left a big city behind to be surrounded by trees, wooden walls and wonderful (and cute) people. I relaxed, but I was also exited by the anticipation of exiting moments to come. Soon I felt a fiery vibe in the air of our conversations.

The days are spent mostly on these deep discussions and forming of our presentations, but at times we obviously did have little brakes. We went swimming in a river, cooked and shared food and made really silly jokes…


Time flies when you’re enjoying it, so I’m already finding myself a few days into the tour. Hearing what people in many different places have to say or are thinking about is seriously interesting and I find myself getting huge moodswings between being caught by the rich talks and questions, to feeling unable to express my thoughts completely. Though I have the feeling that I will get more comfortable with my own voice after some more days of conversation.